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  • Methods of Creating Resin Driveways

    Resin DrivewaysResin driveways have several coatings of resin sealer applied to them in order to coat and protect the surface underneath. By coating with a resin sealer, the driveway will be able to repel water, oil and other kinds of liquids. Not only do resin driveways look beautiful and wear great, but they are also about 70% cheaper than traditional paved driveways.

    Here are two methods of incorporating resin into driveways by a process called resin bond overlay.

    Standard Method Resin Bond Overlay Driveways

    One way to make resin driveways is a method called resin bond overlay. When applying resin to the driveway using this method, the crushed rocks and resin mixture are stirred together well in a special type of mixing barrel. After the rocks and resin are thoroughly mixed and bonded together, the mixture is then applied and pressed down on the driveway by hand.

    The result of using this bond method on resin driveways is a very fine textured finish that has a touch of shine to it. This way of applying resin to driveways is one of the most time consuming ways to do it, although the results are stunning. It is common to mix up a batch of resin and rocks in a contrasting color to use as edging material in order to get a nice finished, high-end look.

    The Broadcast Method of Resin DrivewaysStandard Method bond Resin driveways

    By applying the resin with this method you will still end up with a resin bond overlay on the driveway, but will get slightly different results. This method is also less time consuming and much easier to do.

    Instead of mixing the resin with the crushed rocks, the resin is applied by itself onto the driveway first. The layer of resin will be fairly thick in order to incorporate the crushed rocks. After the resin material has been spread out and smoothed, and while it is still wet, the crushed rocks are tossed onto the driveway so that a full coverage of the entire area is achieved.

    The results of the broadcast method of making resin driveways looks coarser than the regular method of making resin bond overlay driveways. Edging would have to be done as a separate step, by using edging materials to separate the two areas before applying the resin material and starting the job.

    The Broadcast Method of Resin DrivewaysAn additional layer or two of resin can be applied over the top of either of these methods if a shinier surface is desired. Because resin bonded driveways are slip resistant, they work great for areas that have a lot of rain or are near swimming pools.

    Resin bonded driveways are weatherproof and they are a good fit for any geographic area. The extended durability of the driveway after applying the resin and rock combination is another benefit, along with the fact that these resin driveways are very low maintenance.

    Depending on the size of future resin driveways, a resin bond overlay can usually be completed within 2 days from start to finish and confidently used without concern within 6 hours of completion. There are really no drawbacks to resin driveways created with either of these resin bond overlay methods.

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  • Driveway Surfaces Options

    Driveway SurfacesYour driveway is perhaps the first thing that guests and passers-by will notice on your home since it is right there out front. Hence, it is very important to make sure that your driveway matches your yard or garden as well as the exterior of your house. There are different types of driveway surfaces, the most common ones include pavers, concrete, gravel, crushed stone, and solid surface.

    Concrete driveway surfaces are usually poured in a solid slab but with joints that are spaced a few feet apart. These joints are meant for preventing cracks and allowing for expansion. If you are on a budget, you can opt for a gray concrete driveway surface. This is actually the cheapest option because it does not involve any tint. If you want one of those exposed aggregate driveway surfaces, you can have pebbles and gravel poured onto the surface to add texture.

    Driveway Surfaces OptionsPavers are also great driveway surfaces. They can be constructed from brick, stone, or concrete. The cheapest among these options is concrete. Concrete pavers are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Brick pavers are regarded as traditional driveway surfaces. They are typically seen in historic towns. Stone pavers, on the other hand, are the most expensive choice. They can either be slate paving or cobblestone. They are usually used for patios and walkways.

    Gravel driveway surfaces are also great options for people who are on a budget. They are perfect for large parking areas or long driveways. It is easy to find gravel in different sizes and colors; they even let water to run off into the ground, so there is no need to worry about puddles. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about the environment, you can opt for natural driveway surfaces. They are ideal for houses that built from natural materials such as natural stone and timber.


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  • How to Construct a Resin Bonded Driveway

    Resin Bonded DrivewayA resin bonded driveway is basically a driveway that is laid using a method that bonds resin to decorative aggregate. It is very popular these days because of its attractiveness. A lot of homeowners are choosing a resin bonded driveway because it looks great, and it is hard-wearing. It is also slip-resistant and easy to lay. It is tightly compacted. It does not have any loose stones that might damage cars. In addition, it has a good traction.

    A resin bonded driveway is constructed using the Scatter Coat technique, which basically uses the resin at the base alone. When using this technique, you need to have a resin, an aggregate, and a base. Make sure that you prepare the base properly. Level the base as smoothly as possible. It should be monolithic and free of grease. Your resin should be bonded the right way, so you can ensure the good quality of your resin bonded driveway.

    best resin bonded drivewayRemember that resin sets in quickly. Hence, it should be evenly spread within several minutes if you want your resin bonded driveway to be smooth and compact. You can find resin in a variety of colors; but make sure that you choose a color that best complements your aggregate. As for the aggregate, choose something that is 6 mm at most. Then, pour it all over the layer of resin as quickly as you can or before the resin sets in.

    If you have put too much aggregate, do not worry; it is actually better to have put in too much instead of not enough. When the resin has completely set in, you can just collect the excess aggregate. The stones will sink in slowly and the surface will settle within a few hours. A resin bonded driveway is perfect for houses; but it is also ideal for office buildings.


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  • The Look of Resin Bonded Gravel Driveways

    Resin Bonded Gravel DrivewaysEveryday, people look forward to their house and they get the feeling that they are home once they catch a glimpse of their driveways. That is why it is important that one designs or styles his/her driveway in a manner that it gives a feeling of a warm welcome to everyone who is going to the house. There are so many ways to achieve that and one emerging way is using the method of resin bonded gravel driveways.

    Resin bonded gravel driveways are constructed with resin or a powerful glue, that bonds aggregates, gravel in this case, that are laid out on top of the existing driveway. It is also decorative, so one needs not to worry about their house color coding. Resin bonded gravel driveways are created using two forms: the cheaper way is the scatter coat method where the resin is only utilized at the bottom while the trowelled method, more expensive, resin mixture is all through out the aggravates.

    Resin bonded gravel driveways dries fast so it is vital that one lays it out perfectly with the mixture lies flatly at the pavement. It only best Resin Bonded Gravel Drivewaystakes two hours or less for it to set and once dry, driveway can be used right away. Resin comes in different color which one could choose from to complement the house’s color theme but it is important to inquire if it will also go well with the aggravates to be used in the mixture.

    Resin bonded gravel driveways are not just for one’s house but also to companies and other establishments as well. It’s low maintenance and safe for motorists as it has anti-slip characteristics given off by the resin. So, it may take you more money when you choose to have one but in the long run you get what your money’s worth.

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  • Info On Resin Bound Driveway

    Resin Bound DrivewayAlas! The wonders of building or renovating a house! Most people, if not all, include driveways in their construction of the house. Driveways are important as it is the main entrance to one’s house. It is oftentimes considered as the landmark, aside from the fact that it gives the first impression of one’s house. Exerting efforts on how beautiful it will look as it is the manifestation of the whole thing is also one thing to consider. However, these days, people have become wiser that they take into account the materials that are to be used that need not be maintained or repaired all the time. One idea that is slowly proving its acceptance is the usage of a resin bound driveway material.

    Resin bound driveway is a method where aggregates are bind together using a strong glue that can hold them together effectively whose finished product looks like the usual pavements but without the loose stones that damages car tires when using the ordinary materials.  Though relatively new, resin bound driveways are now being supported by a number of people who have the knowledge of what improvements it can add up. One Resin Bound Driveway designdoes not need to remove existing driveway as it is a pre-requisite to the system.

    The resin bound driveway sits on top of the pavement and dries out fast like an hour or so. There is no problem on the matching of colors because dyes can easily be mixed in the early processes of the system. It is also durable because the resin mixed on the aggregates has flexibility capacities that last a long time. What’s more is that maintenance is not an issue all it needs is a power wash twice a year and occasional sweeping. A resin bound driveway also provides a skid-free driveway to provide more safety to visitors and households themselves.

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